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Dear Ani, Want to thank you again for coming to the shelter and sharing your gift with the women. They really enjoyed themselves and are still talking about it. It was a pleasure to meet you. Love and Blessings, Dorothy. May 13, 2017

Thank you for coming to the Recovery House and sharing your special gift with the ladies.  The ladies are in recovery from drugs/alcohol and have self-medicated their past pain and trauma. You were able to connect with them at a level that allowed them to feel comfortable and safe.  They allowed you to guide them through painting and all the emotions that were released by it.  You were a hit and they were requesting a second session the moment you left the house. Thank you so much for reaching out to my organization to share your gift with us.
Angela Lozano,  Recovery House, Inc. June17, 2014

"I want to thank you Ani for what you shared with me. I got something out of it. I liked to feel that you came into my life for a reason. It could have been for a need that I might have expressed. You came and assisted me with your words at a most difficult time and provided me the tools of guidance and support to aid me physically, emotionally and spiritually. I really feel you were a Godsend. You were there for me and I am grateful. I appreciate everything you are and what you stand for and I am happy we had this chance to meet this way. I feel that little prayer I sent up for you to come has been answered. I will truly miss you Ani... more then words can say. God bless you dear!"
R.H., January 15,2014

"On my last birthday I turned 70 years old.  I would say that 90% of that time I was depressed.  I am told it is from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.)  I never had such a birthday as my last one.  It was freeing in some way and I felt different.  Still every day I would spend sleeping most of it and not wanting to do anything.  It was an effort to even get up out of bed in the morning.  At times I would waste most of the day sleeping.  I was tired all of the time and to do anything was an extreme effort.  I needed help and I've known it for a long, time. My body was falling apart right under my eyes and I was not seeing it. I have had professional western medical counseling from time t time and took meds for depression. Needless to say that did not help, as much as Ani helped me.
Ani has been my spiritual coach for the last 6 months.  In that time with doing the ERP (Emotional Release Painting), paying attention to what my left brain is thinking and what I am saying to myself has helped me to address those negative and unproductive feelings. I can say that I have improved greatly.  One gets in the habit of thinking negatively and they don't even realize it.  Oh yes, I have days that I am down, or disgruntled, but I am aware of it and I absolutely do not like it.  I do not want to feel this way anymore and am going through the process of changing my thinking so I am not inflicting pain on myself emotionally. 

I have prayed for and asked for strength and by some fabulous miracle I am getting this help from my spirit and weekly coaching and homework that Ani gives me.  I have been in physical and emotional pain for many years and didn't realize how far down the barrel I was. I was scratching at the bottom of it.  I am now finding the strength from within that I knew I had, but somehow didn't believe I could control to respond to situations around me. 

Thank you Ani, for being there when I needed someone the most to help me.  You are a life saver and I wish you the very best in your career.  I know you will be very successful."
M.G., June 6, 2013

"My life has been a whirlwind of positive change,  since the day I met you.  At times, I have gotten a little overwhelmed by the major daily changes,  and as per my past,  my anxiety levels have risen.  Listening to your CD,  Life Changing Strategies,  every day has been a major help in keeping me from going over the edge!  without some form of meditation,  and grounding,  I could not have kept up the pace...... It seems that miracles are popping into my life every day. YOU in no small way have been a catalyst in my life.  THANK YOU......I am proud to know you.  You are an awesome woman!!!!!" 
Dale, March 30, 2013

"ERP Therapy (Emotional Release Painting) is a wonderful way to get one's emotions out of your body and on to the canvas.  I Have just started this program but want to share some of what I have experienced. As the memories come up within my mind I paint the canvas with colors that I feel express the emotions I am feeling. One remembers the past and can hold the hand of their inner child and explain that they are loved and how the memory doesn't need to remain as a hurtful one. I have also remembered a time when I was 5 years old and I never knew how happy I was as a child. I was free, happy, no worries, and loved myself a lot. This is an excellent way to learn to love myself and become the happy, successful person I want to be. I have noticed also while doing this therapy that the pain in my body has decreased."
M. Griffith...February 4, 2013

"Ani Lyne is a gifted and knowledgeable author, public speaker, and facilitator for life transformation, stress management, and life coaching. She is the author of several books her most recent one being, "Training Your Inner Therapist." A powerful yet simple guide to changing your life through identifying and changing dysfunctional thought patterns. These tools are particularly powerful when applied to children, because of their life-changing potential. The social costs of addiction, teenage pregnancy, smoking, and low self-esteem are reduced as young people learn to make healthier choices as a result of learning Ms. Lyne's simple but effective techniques. I highly endorse her work."
Dr. Joseph Dillard, LCSW, Ph.D...December 3, 2012

"We have read all three of Ani's books, but this third one is the best of all! If you follow what she teaches, you will be surprised just how much your life will change. My husband and I listen to her CD on a regular basis and it has helped us both. We lead a life that is so stress free compared to the life we used to lead ( no more treadmill, rat race)."

"I used to get so mad at some people that would cut me off driving. Now I just tell myself they must have an emergency. I am totally relaxed now while I am driving. We no longer let other people's problems become ours. Thank you Ani:)"
Seagirl & Smed... September 29,2012

This letter is to highlight the efforts of Ani Lyne, D.M. MSD. Ms Lyne became involved with the CCC (California Conservation Corps )Training Institute approximately two months ago. During this time she has presented two classes for the CCC Training Institute. One class was for the Training Institute Staff, the other class was for our Corpmembers (approximately 21) in our Leadership Training Program. Both classes were well received and the information taught proved to be valuable.

Recently, we added a component of training to our Leadership Training Program, Taking Emotional Control. This class deals with Anger and Stress Management as well as Cognitive Behavior Modification. Ms. Lyne was instrumental in serving as an advisor for us in the development of this training.

In addition to assisting with curriculum development, Ms. Lyne offered her services as a consultant and subject matter expert. She presents herself as a professional. She is committed to the work she does and the services she offers. I would recommend her to other agencies, business, and corporations that are looking to provide Stress Managment Seminars to their employees.
Marcia A. Teresi, Training Officer I...September 7, 2001

"I would love to endorse your programs and abilities Ani. Someone like myself, who's been around a while, at times loses their perspective on many things. Simply because we've been doing it "our way" for so long. In today's world the old way isn't always the right or correct way. A fresh, new, approach to why we are not communicating as well as we used to, is what I got out of listening to you and your CD. I listen to your CD every day since purchasing it and love it. I have attended many stress management seminars in my line of work and none were as informative as I found yours to be."
Gary Owens, National Sales Manager, Clear Channel Radio... October 30, 2001

Hi Ani, My name is Melanie. I am J.R.'s wife. JR works with your husband and that's how I got your book. I have to say that your book was very inspiring an I've had real problems with stress husband JR can attest to that. I read your book "Life Changing Strategies for Stress Management and so much more" in a very short time and was disappointed when I was finished but also very excited.

Disappointed because I didn't want to be finished so soon! Excited because after reading the book, I had so many positive ideas I wanted to put into play! I've been to Therapists and Psychiatrists but the Psychiatrists seem to medicate the problem and with Therapist, I didn't seem to see them often enough for it to do much good.

Your book, however, was so down to earth and expressed in such a way that I understood. I was enthralled by the first page and very surprised to see my "way of thinking" so often in your words. I think everyone could benefit in some way or other by reading it. I know J.R. my husband is definetly going to read it as he too was mentioned a few times as well.

I've had a pretty rough past few days but prior to that felt much better. I have used your book to get me through my rough patch and to keep me positive. Lots of changes going on with JR and myself and stress seems to trigger the worst in me. Thank you for writing your book. It's going to help a lot of people! I was just amazed at how dead on you were with some of the behavior patterns of mine....I truly hope it doesn't take you as long to write another book as I will be the first in line to buy it! Even the cover was uncanny. I've told JR that the only way to describe my "Journey" is like a butterfly slowly emerging from something ugly into something beautiful. I saw by the cover that you know exactly what I mean! Thanks again Ani, and congratulations on your book. (Keep me posted if you write another one.)
Melanie M...January 2003

"As I am thinking over my list of things to be thankful for, you come to mind. About three months ago I went into the Enchanted Cottage for the first time. As I was checking out I saw your CD. Normally I wouldn't think twice about a "Self Help" tape but this one was in the right place at the right time. If I had ever met you, you would not have had such a large impact on me. Knowing that no one in my family had tipped you off to all the things I was doing wrong. I could actually listen to you. Thank made a very important difference in my life."
Author unknown....November 2002