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I am happy to share with you my new book,
    "Dolphins Speak and I Hear Them"
          by Ani Lyne.

This is about a spiritual journey to discover self, spirit and a journey
        into Interspecies  Communication and the way we truly communicate as humans.

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Fascinating! Inspiring! Captivating!

This is a true story of the expansion of ones consciousness and
discovering who you really are. Many of us believe we can communicate
with our animals and many wish they could. This book explains in beautiful detail about the author's inward journey of trusting at a time in her life when most are retiring, and living from her heart. The author shares Spiritual Truths given to her by the Dolphins that will change humanity. This book tells with inspiring detail how living from a place of love, one connects to all life. It will inspire you to take your own journey and meet who you really are. 

From the Author: What I learned most from my time with the dolphins was that life is to be full of love and happiness. To play at life and enjoy it rather than taking what happens around you seriously, it only destroys who you are. We have contaminated their oceans, they are slaughtered on a regular basis by the very beings they want to help, man. Yet they frolic in their habitat and still want to help us.  Find the joy in every day they tell me. Find the joy. Below is a couple of reviews  If you would like to read more reviews on my book you can find them on Amazon.

From Rick H. of Phoenix, AZ. 

I just wanted to compliment you on your book. I just happened to see it and thought I'd sit down and read a little bit of it. You are an excellent writer; the story flows easily and fluidly. You're to the point with your word, which keeps me the reader, engaged.  I preface these points, because it allows me to ingest and absorb your story. I have already, in the few pages I have read, identified areas that will be helpful indeed. I'm only up to chapter 3. Your Dolphins are indeed talking to you and through you.  Very nice Ani, I salute your work.

Clearly I had something to learn from this book, September 5, 2013
Doris W. Davis "Doris Davis, Interfaith Minister"

This review is from: Dolphins Speak and I Hear Them: A spiritual journey to discover self, spirit and the journey into Interspecies Communication (Paperback)
I was drawn to this book, not because it is great literature; not because it made my mind turn cartwheels; not because I knew the person who wrote it and wanted to support her, but because my heart needed to read it, and something inside of me kept turning pages. I am not an "animal" person. I have had my share of them, though -- some of them at my children's urging -- cats, dogs, and a great love of horses before the age of 11. But I needed to read and "hear" and consider what Ani Lyne was saying about animals. I needed to open myself to it, and let her message penetrate deeply into my psyche. For this reason, if for no other, I recommend this book for anyone who doubts that all sentient beings are connected, and that the worlds of the finned and the winged and the four-leggeds and six leggeds and 8-leggeds, etc. are all available to us when we tune our instruments to their frequencies. How is this done? That is the subject of further inquiry, and, I suspect a journey of discipline and intention. But for anyone who suspects that there is more to life than news, weather and sports, and suspects that we are all capable of sacred encounters with beings of other species, I can recommend this book, especially for its simplicity, its sincerity, and its authenticity.