It was in a dream in 2009 that this style of painting came to me. When this is done correctly, you are actually channeling the angels who are guiding you to "Let Go." It's a style of painting that does not require left brain thinking.  It takes a canvas, acrylic paint, a kitchen sponge and music that helps you get out of your left brain and just moving the paint on the canvas until it becomes what it was meant to be. I did this type of painting for 5 years gifting my paintings to those who felt strongly drawn to them. It was in January 2013 that I was first guided to teach it to a client who needed it's benefits. I found out it was a great tool to help those suffering from PTSD, depression, anger, anxiety and stress. It does this by getting you into your right brain and heart where your feelings and emotions can flow out of you and onto the canvas. What is amazing is that you would think that something that upsets you would look ugly on canvas. Well take a look at my painting called "Fire and Ice." I was very upset when I painted it, but once I was done I felt relieved and smiled when I saw the beautiful painting I had done during this time of "Letting it all go" and I was no longer angry, what had upset me lost its power.

The first month I did this style of painting I created 60 paintings. You can view some of these paintings below.  ‚ÄčIf you like what you see and would like to learn to do this you can contact me at I hope to teach classes for Teachers of this style of therapy in Sedona.