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Affirmations by Ani
The words “I AM” are the two most powerful words to make before a statement…so choose wisely what comes after them…

I am one with Source!
I am my own best friend!
I am the morning mist!
I am joyful!
I am balanced!
I am Loved!
I am the colors of the Rainbow!
I am rain that gently falls!
I am the wind!
I am Blessed!
I am paddling downstream!
I am a loving being!
I am Living Life!
I am a powerful being!
I am a Healer!
I am Enough!

Today Ani makes her home in beautiful  Sedona, AZ. Ani has co-authored a book  with the dolphins titled, "Dolphins Speak" and I Hear Them. A spiritual journey to discover self, spirit and a journey into Interspecies Communication and the way we humans truly communicate to one another. You can now purchase a copy of this book on Since writing her book, Ani has been traveling the U.S. to promote her book and website.

Ani began her spiritual path to awakening in 1993 when she began going on a regular basis to a Network Chiropractor. During this time is when the Dolphins first came to Ani in an altered state. It was not until 2012 that why they came to her was made known.

In 1997 while living in Pueblo, Colorado Ani read about the Empowerment of Reiki and took her Level 1 Reiki Attunement and 3 months later her Level 2 Attunement. In1998 while living on the island of Maui, Hawaii she took her Level 3 and Master Level Attunement in Reiki with The International Center for Reiki Training School through one of their trained Reiki Masters.

In January of 1998 Ani became a Non-Denominational Minister through the Universal Life Church in Modesto, California. Her ministry is to help guide and empower individuals in how to train their own brains to be their own Inner Therapist. In February of 1998 Ani received her Doctorate from the Universal Life Church in Motivation. Later in March of 2001 she received her Doctorate in Metaphysics.

Ani continued her studies in ways of empowerment by taking the following courses by Dr. Joseph Dillard, LCSW, Ph.D. through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts School in Tempe, Arizona. Dream Yoga, Dream Yoga and Meditation, Dream Yoga Interviewing Techniques, Dream Yoga Soul Coaching and Healing and Dream Sociometry, receiving a Certificate of Completion in all the above courses.

She is the author of three books on the subject of Training Your Inner Therapist, a CD on Life Changing Strategies for Stress and so much more and her first e-book for children, called Dolphin Adventures, Book I “Secrets of the Sea” that she co-authored with her daughter Jaime Heyart.

In 2009 Ani became a Channeled artist painting with the guidance of the Angels...from this training she has developed her own technique and is the Founder of ERP (Emotional Release Painting) Therapy you can view some of her paintings on our Angel Painting page...Ani finds painting this way to be freeing because she actually is painting from her Heart not her Head and releasing emotions that are stuck in the body...

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